viernes, 20 de septiembre de 2013

Papers, papers, papers

I really dunno what to do with all this rubbish (read: my music). These days I've been unearthing loads of papers, scribbled with pencil, of all the music I wrote in the past. I remember once, in my polyphony class during my conservatory days, as usual we had to write a polyphonic piece as our homework for the week after. It was a 3-part fugue. My friends were complaining about writing one with a week deadline, while I handed out 10. Yup, TEN. And I told my professor to choose which one was the best, to be given a mark. He was surprised, baffled, irritated and amused at the same time, of course. And I kept on writing fugues, invenzioni and all those polyphonic rubbish whenever my brain is suffering from this crazy hyperactivity until this date, and most probably until I die. Now I usually finish a fugue in 3 voices (that's my favorite, though I wrote some up to in 5-voices, and once in 6-voices) in 1 hour, and even worse, I can take another piece of paper and write ANOTHER fugue, just after a break of having a cup of coffee or eating some chocolate. Or write a song, if I read a poem. Or any other piece of sh*t. Some (I must say, most) of them aren't that good, but I just don't wanna throw them away. And from those polyphonic homeworks, I have at least 100 pieces, from invenzioni, sinfonias, fugues, double fugues, canons, you name it. Anyway, this weekend I'm gonna sort them out and copy the ones I consider "ok" to "tolerable" neatly on the computer. What a nerd.