jueves, 3 de mayo de 2012

Broken but busy

So, I've been busier than I thought I would during this one-leg period. Things did slow down though, I must say. It takes me almost twice the time for taking showers, moving around (especially going up and down the stairs) etc. And I haven't had time to visit Google Art Project since I last blogged! But I did stay to fulfill the invitation for teaching in Rotterdam Conservatory last week, and I even didn't change the program of my lecture-concert there (though I didn't use the left pedal for my First Etude, which made it more difficult). I met some very enthusiastic students there and would like to greet them from Jakarta where I am now. /------/ I arrived in Jakarta last Friday very late at night, Chendra picked me up at the airport and we both went by his car to Bandung directly. I flew with Emirates and had to transit for 3,5 hours in Dubai. Since there were difficulties with plugging my laptop at the airport, I spent my waiting time scribbling down some sketches for a section of ballet music which I will work with Chendra later this year. Emirates didn't have WiFi on board either so that explained my almost-24-hour absence in cyberspace. /------/ We had some busy time in Bandung, talking with BIMA (Bandung International Music Academy) preparing our international piano competition to be held next July. It will be a very big and important landmark in classical music in Indonesia, and unfortunately the city of Bandung doesn't have an adequate concert hall, so we use the Bandung International School who's been very kind in collaborating by providing their hall whose audience capacity is around 220. That's the best we can get, especially since we can use their other rooms for the jury meeting as well as for participants (we will put several pianos there). It is located very near to the entrance to the city if you arrive from Jakarta, right after the toll gate, and next to the big university Maranatha. We invited a young Belarusian pianist Alesia Arnatovich last weekend to perform there to a fully booked hall, and that concert served as a litmus test for its acoustics. She satisfied the audience well, and received good critics from the local newspapers too. /------/ Just before I left home in Spain, I had a nice visit and interview frrom the leading Global & Greatness coach, Michael Thallium at my house. He made several videos of it, and a few days ago he finished editing the whole thing. If you want to watch the complete one, you can click http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_x5DcDyPUlY . Sorry for my stupidity after my 4 years blogging career I still cannot post a link properly here. Please just copy & paste it. You can read his introduction too at http://www.michaelthallium.com/en/2012/05/02/ananda-sukarlan-espana-e-indonesia/