miércoles, 3 de agosto de 2011

The flute, all the flute and nothing but the flute

After a highly exciting concert (+discussions +lunch +gossipping) of JAKFlute (the Jakarta Flute Community whose members are always growing) at my place, the Ananda Sukarlan Center last Sunday July 31st, my sheet music with all my chamber & solo works involving the flute is now officially published. It was launched during that concert last Sunday. Its title is "Narcissus Dying and other works for flute(s)".
It took me several days to decide on the cover. The most natural is of course using Caravaggio's painting of Narcissus as it was the painting that helped me shape the piece, but somehow I wasn't convinced to use it as the cover. At last I cropped the painting "Echo and Narcissus" of John William Waterhouse, took only the Narcissus part as its cover.

All my flute music are connected with someone (mostly flutists), except "Rescuing Ariadne" which really just popped up from the blue. Well, Titian's painting was the trigger, but I didn't specifically write it for someone. There are 8 titles in that book:

-Narcissus Dying (now becoming my most popular work for flute)
-Rescuing Ariadne
-My recently premiered "The Sicilian Diary" for 3 flutes
-You Had Me at Hello (3 movements for flute solo, for Chendra Panatan's choreography)
-Vega & Altair's Love Song (for flute & harp)
-2 pieces for piccolo solo, for Rudy & Liz's 2 boys
-Prelude & Intermezzo from my opera "Ibu yang anaknya diculik itu", which is original written for flute & piano. Therefore this is not an arrangement
-Choreographic prelude to "Bibirku Bersujud di bibirmu". Now this title is missing on the score, but written down in the index of the book. This piece is a prelude (but can be performed separately) from my piece for soprano & piano based on the highly moving poem of Hasan Aspahani.

Aaaand ... I will use this opportunity to thank my flutty friends: Liz Ashford, Wendela van Swol, Roberto Alvarez, Mesty Ariotedjo who is also the ambassador of our dear Indonesian Classical Music Foundation (YMSI), founders of JakFlute Metta F.Ariono & Marini Marnoto, my new flutty friend Andika Candra and many more flutists who have played my music. I learned a lot from listening to you all playing it, and glad that you include my music in your repertoire. Hope my music can enrich the tutti flutty world!