jueves, 6 de enero de 2011

Is it really the food of love?

It is quite superfluous to talk about my very tiny (1-minute) piece for trumpet solo, written down in perhaps even less than 1 minute. But "E-A Theme Song" is now used for the opening of our (with my friend, the terrific trumpetist Eric Awuy) radio show and many of you have showed much interest in it. I am, of course, honoured & appreciate your kind words.

First of all, I'd like to express my gratitude to my friends Ella & Tika from Delta FM Radio who have trusted me to have my own radio show. Since I was feeling pretty insecure about doing it alone, plus having the problem of distance (Spain to Indonesia is not what you call next door, eh?) I have asked Eric Awuy, who has had some experience on being a radio anchor to be my partner. Our show then is called Eric & Ananda Classical Eve, and after our first show last Sunday suddenly an acute curiosity entered in me on how the first Oprah or Larry King show had been. I mean, both Eric & me (well, I did more, I think) made so many silly mistakes! Eric & Ananda Classical Eve will be aired LIVE every Sunday evening at 8-10 p.m, West Indonesia Time. Me from Spain, and Eric from the Delta FM studio in Jakarta. It's all about classical music : symphonies, vocal & instrumental works, opera etc. Real opera, not Opera Winfrey!

Back to the E-A theme, it was written during one of our meetings at the radio. You have asked me why it sounds so sad. Well, the circumstances weren't so much so. We had some nice laughs in that meeting, the atmosphere was quite relaxed at that time. And we thought that the theme song should be built on the motif E and A, and should involve the trumpet -- Eric Awuy, naturally. Suddenly this theme took shape in my head, and you know how music could do that to you: it's like a dream, where you can hear everything in one split second (they say that Mozart could hear an entire SYMPHONY in one split second!). So I asked for a paper and wrote it down quickly.... which made me quite surprised myself, since it has nothing to do with how we were at that time : happy, relaxed and cheerful. I remember three people wearing purple shirts at that time: Ella from the radio, Chendra and myself. That colour did have an effect on my music, I think. But it is also from music that we know ourselves better, and know what is really inside us or our heart. Music doesn't deceive oneself. It's too honest. And it's too scary. Too scary, since sometimes it brings out things which one would like to hide deep down inside unfrequented spots in us .....

If you want to hear the theme, and know more about our radio show, you can hear it at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-Ananda-Classical-Eve/186138124730174