jueves, 12 de abril de 2007

Help me find a title (in Indonesian)

Having a break from writing Ars Amatoria, Kit Kat is not enough. So I travelled to Frankfurt (among others rehearsing with my friend, the violinist Jagdish Mistry of Ensemble Modern) and to Amsterdam with Chendra, where we worked out my new songs about the four seasons (not so original, eh ?) . Mixing business with pleasure is one of my specialties, you see. He has written the poems, and I set it to music. You can read the poems in his blog (http://chendraefblogger.blogspot.com ) .

Now, I need your advice, you guys out there. My habit is putting a title for my cycles of songs according to the initials of the poets, relating to the characters of (most of) the poems. So, my cycle of 3 Walt Whitman poems is called Whispering Wind , and the one of 4 Goenawan Mohamad's is Gemuruhnya Malam. Chendra's initials are C E P (Chendra Effendy Panatan) , and we both have thought of titles such as Cuaca Empat Pergantian or something like that, but nothing has satisfied us completely. The title should relate to the four seasons.

Can someone help me out ? As my gratitude, if I use your title I will dedicate one of those songs for you. Not "Spring" though, since it was already dedicated to my friend and patron Mr. Dedi Panigoro, whose birthday is just around the beginning of spring, last March. But you can choose among the other three seasons. It will be put above the title in the published score, and also will always be mentioned in the programs every time they are performed (by the way, those songs should always be performed as a unity, not separately -- unlike Vivaldi's ! ). AND ... I will give you one (sorry, I can only promise one !) free ticket for the premiere of the piece, by the baritone Reinier Revireino and myself accompanying the piano, on the 12th of August in Jakarta.