jueves, 16 de agosto de 2007

JCOM Fest is over

Work, work, work. OK, and the internet connection is rather slow, that explains my absence these days from my blog. Anyway, JCOM Fest is over, and am glad that it’s not just over like that. It will be talked about for a rather long time afterwards. Lots of coverage in the media, but what made me really happy is that it generates lots of gossips, since new talents are being discovered. The established ones are trembling ! Among them I can mention an ex-student of JCOM, Inge Buniardi who is now studying piano in Holland, gave an excellent recital with among others Kabalevsky’s Third Sonata and Gareth Farr’s Jangan Lupa. Andhanu Candana is our 14-year-old composition --and piano --student, and two of his works were played that stunned the audience. I am sure he will grow into a composer Indonesia can be proud of (which means that he will have lots of jealous enemies ; well, some of them are already around the corner, I am sure). Baritone Rainier “Pepi” Revireino sung my songs based on poems by Goenawan Mohamad and Chendra Panatan wonderfully. Our ex-guitar teacher, Sudirman Leman also gave a stunning recital with among others David del Puerto’s Winter Suite. But certainly the star of the month is the soprano Bernadeta Astari, our guest star who gave a stunning recital accompanied by Elwin Hendrijanto. Afterwards they toured in 4 cities on their own and the audience everywhere had a big crush on them.
The one we missed the most is our dear soprano, Rozana Unsulangi, who was recovering from an operation and couldn’t sing during the festival . She is recovering very well and we hope to listen to her singing again in not such a long time.
And of course we are all thankful to the hardcore of JCOM, who were overworked, underpaid and sometimes underestimated to make this a success. The piano teachers Ruth Wibisono, Ingrid M. Cahya, Dian Matondang, our academic director Iswargia Sudarno (oh yes, he performed a most sensitive & touching Kinderszenen) and our always helpful “Tante” Anneke (and her husband who lets his wife being exploited by us !) are, as always, so dedicated even until the early hours, as all our staff including Upie and Yongki .

Next destination : Mexico .